NSW greyhound racing ban passes through parliament

The legislation to prohibit greyhound racing in NSW from July 1st, 2017 has now passed both houses of parliament.


Mike Baird’s comments:

The legislation to prohibit greyhound racing in NSW from July 2017 has now passed both houses of parliament.

When I came into politics, I never envisaged having to make a decision like this one. The driving focus of our government has been, and remains, rebuilding NSW after years of neglect.

But I also didn’t come into politics just to make the easy decisions or to kick the big problems down the road. Too often governments put confronting problems in the too hard basket. We are not that kind of government.

I’m proud of the decision we have made to save thousands upon thousands of dogs from cruelty and death. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the right decision.

We will now continue helping the innocent trainers and breeders, who have been let down by their industry, as they transition away from racing. I know many of them are disappointed. I feel deep empathy for them, and I’m determined to help them as best we can.

Finally… while a lot of the attention these past weeks has been on greyhounds, our government has continued to push ahead with projects right across this state. We just laid the first track on Sydney Light Rail, huge drilling machines are tunnelling underneath Sydney to build the roads of the future, the Sky Train construction is powering along, we just opened two new schools with more in the pipeline, Jillian the Builder has opened 6 new hospitals in this year alone, our economy leads the nation and over the past year NSW has created over 40 per cent of all Australia’s new jobs.

It’s a great time to live in NSW… But, there’s plenty more to do, and we are cracking on with it.


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