The NRL’s door of departure since 2013


* Shane Mattiske (head of strategy) – The man who took the helm fox six months following David Gallop’s departure in 2012, Mattiske’s was bundled into the background on Smith’s arrival. Joined the NRL as a special projects manager and helped secure a $1.2 billion broadcast deal

* Ian Schubert (salary cap auditor) – Was in control of what the NRL labels one of the most important aspects of their competition. Brought down salary-cap cheating Canterbury in 2002 and Melbourne in 2010, but eventually quit in 2013 after 16 years in the job

* John Brady (media director) – Had one of the toughest gigs in the game: trying to put a positive spin on the never-ending circus that is the NRL. Aside from his official job description, Brady was a go-to man for many inside and outside the organisation from the beginning of the Super League war to his resignation at the end of 2013

* Jim Doyle (chief operating officer) – Dave Smith’s right-hand man when they both joined the organisation within months of each other, Doyle opted to return to the Warriors as CEO in 2014. Although he wouldn’t admit it publicly, it was strongly rumoured he had grown tired of being overloaded with projects

* Paul Conlon (judiciary chairman) – So outraged that the NRL opted to fine Paul Gallen $50,000 over an offensive tweet directed at the league’s administration, Conlon quit his post in October 2014. The district court judge had been head of the NRL judiciary for eight seasons before the Gallen saga proved the final straw

* Paul Kind (marketing manager) – His 20-year involvement with the game came to an end when he was marched from NRL HQ last February. Dismissed for a “direct conflict of interest”, he was given a serve by Smith in the media release announcing his termination

* David Smith (CEO) – The man who replaced the long-serving David Gallop lasted less than three years in the job before quitting last October. Delivered big money to the game, but his lack of rugby league knowledge was often highlighted by the media and became a weakness in clubland

* Shane Richardson (head of game strategy and development) – Was poached from South Sydney to construct a blueprint for the development of the game, which was released last December. Certain elements – including the proposed second-tier Platinum League – weren’t well received by all and he returned last month to the Rabbitohs

* Suzanne Young (chief operating officer) – The last pin to fall. The decision for Young to replace Doyle in 2014 was widely criticised for her lack of league knowledge and we saw very little of her in the front line. Resigned on Thursday to spend more time with her ill father

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