AFL Round 5 Expert Tips, Odds and Betting Preview – 2015

AFL Sponsor has provided their previews, tips and odds for each of the matches in Round 4of the 2015 AFL home and away season. View their preview of the round.

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Head to Head                                       Line

Carlton                               $2.25  (in from $2.75)                       $1.92 (+7.5) (in from +13.5)

Collingwood                    $1.62  (out from $1.45)                    $1.92 (-7.5) (in from -13.5)


Traditional rivals Carlton and Collingwood open the Round and there has been good support for the Blues. Early in the week they were $2.75 and the line was 13.5, as we speak they are now $2.35 and the line is 7.5. That push has seen Collingwood out to $1.62 after opening $1.45. We are expecting late money for the Pies.

                                                Head to Head                                    Line

Richmond                           $1.67 (in from $2.05)                       $1.92 (+6.5) (out from +2.5)

Geelong Cats                    $2.25 (out from $1.80)                    $1.92 (-6.5) (out from -2.5)


An even bigger push in the Richmond / Geelong clash. The Tigers were $2.05 until the big punters stepped in last night, they were unrelenting and we now have Richmond at $1.67. After getting a start of around 2.5 the Tigers are now giving 6.5. Geelong are well and truly on the nose and are $2.25 after opening $1.85.

                                                Head to Head                                    Line

Sydney Swans                  $1.15 (steady)                                    $1.92 (-33.5) (in from -37.5)

Western Bulldogs          $5.50 (steady)                                     $1.92 (+33.5) (in from +37.5)


Sydney and the Western Bulldogs has not created much interest. The Swans are popular through the multis at $1.15 with the Dogs $5.5.


                                                Head to Head                                      Line

Gold Coast SUNS             $1.87 (out from $1.57)                      $1.92 (-3.5) (in from -9.5)

Brisbane Lions                 $1.95 (in from $2.40)                         $1.92 (+3.5) (in from +9.5)


The Q-clash sees the two winless teams do battle. The Suns are unbackable at any price here, they opened around $1.55 and are now $1.87. Brisbane have been well tried and are $1.95 after opening $2.40. Without little Gary, punters won’t touch the Suns.



                                                Head to Head                                       Line

North Melbourne            $3.30 (out from $2.80)                    $1.92 (+21.5) (out from +17.5)

Hawthorn                           $1.34 (in from $1.42)                        $1.92 (-21.5) (out from -17.5)



North Melbourne are up against Hawthorn. Good money for the Hawks who have been $1.42 into $1.34.North are 3.30 after opening 2.80. Punters expect Hawthorn to re-join the winners circle.


                                Head to Head                                       Line

West Coast Eagles           $1.60 (out from $1.50)                      1.92 (-8.5) (in from -10.5)

GWS GIANTS                     $2.35  (in from $2.55)                         1.92 (+8.5) (in from 10.5)


Not a heap of interest in this game. Some punters think that GWS are a good bet, they have been backed in from $2.55 to now at $2.35


                                                Head to Head                                      Line

Melbourne                         $5.00  (steady)                                    $1.92 (+30.5) (in from +33.5)

Fremantle                           $1.17  (steady)                                    $1.92 (-30.5) (in from -33.5)


Not much interest in this game and little variance in the betting throughout the week. Melbourne are $5.00 and the unbeaten Dockers are $1.17.


                                                Head to Head                                       Line

St Kilda                                 $5.50 (steady)                                      $1.92 (+34.5) (steady)

Essendon                            $1.16 (steady)                                       $1.92 (-34.5) (steady)


St Kilda are $5.50 and Essendon $1.16. Prices have been steady all week, with really the only interest in the Essendon in multis.



                                            Head to Head                                        Line

Adelaide Crows                $2.30 (out from $2.25)                    $1.92 (+7.5) (steady)

Port Adelaide                    $1.62 (in from $1.85)                        $1.92 (-7.5) (steady)



The derby finishes the round and all the money has been for the Power. Last week the market had the Power the slightest of favourites at around $1.85 but after getting over Hawthorn they have been solidly supported and are $1.62 with the Crows out to $2.30.This will be a torrid encounter.

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